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We are a consultancy company and we specialise in the tourism sector in Mallorca. We are proud of our in-depth knowledge of market trends and the specific segmentation of this area. Management Turístico’s strength lies in our multidisciplinary team, our people, made up of professionals from a variety of backgrounds and whose wide experience allows us to offer exceptional insights, knowledge, and vision.

We are totally committed to supporting our clients in formulating business strategies that maximise revenue and drive growth for their hotels. We work side by side with our clients’ teams to develop tailored solutions that make the most of unique opportunities, ensuring a strategic approach that brings about tangible and sustainable results.

About us

Management Turístico

We see ourselves as a network of great talent. We work together closely in an environment that is part of our DNA, bringing together partners, employees and external professionals who are all highly specialised in a variety of disciplines which are essential to the success of our clients’ marketing and business management. This network includes revenue managers, sales people, web programmers, photographers, analysts, accountants, lawyers, tax experts, copy writers, mathematicians, and other experts. They are all dedicated to providing high quality, customised solutions in the sector, led and managed by our management team.

About us - Management Turístico
About us - Management Turístico

Having this synergy of knowledge and skills enables us to tackle challenges with a holistic perspective, offering innovative and strategic solutions that drive growth and efficiency in the hospitality and tourism industry. Our ongoing collaboration with these external professionals ensures that our clients have access to a wide range of specialist resources, making it possible for us to provide a comprehensive service adapted to the constantly changing needs of this dynamic environment.

What sets us apart?

What sets us apart - Management Turístico

What do we offer?

Management - Management Turístico service


We offer to outsource the complete or partial management of the hotel business. We provide the right professionals to get it right and to lead the operational team, all with the aim of maximising the business’s profits.

Marketing - Management Turístico services


We offer the outsourcing of marketing, applying revenue optimisation techniques. In this area we offer the application of revenue management and maximisation of direct hotel sales.
Consultancy - Management Turístico service


We are there when our clients simply require support or advice on specific tourism issues, such as tourism licences, market studies, business plans, strategic plans, operating protocols, or technological strategies.

Knowledge Outsourcing

We offer what we know how to do well; with our years of experience, we know the best sectorial practices, having participated in multiple projects using a wide range of methodologies and tools, which together with the experience acquired allows our clients to outsource parts of their business to achieve the best and fastest results.


Over the last 14 years we have developed some 25 hotel projects of different types, sizes and idiosyncrasies. Each one of them has had different durations, from 2 to 12 years, and each one of them has required different efforts and levels of involvement. Most importantly, all of them have benefited from our Revenue Management methodology, supported by our own tools and our own methodology.

Projects - Management Turístico